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‘The pursed lips seize the candy and release it laboriously into the oral cavity, where it is finally received by the tongue with expectant twists. Sweetness unfolds, opens out into a small, flattering O, and has soon transformed the mouth into a sweet, stickily and greedily pulsating ball that absorbs more and more as it expands. One is encircled oneself and ultimately exists only as the fine, ever tauter periphery of this ball of sweetness; one closes one's eyes and finally implodes: taking on the characteristics of a ball oneself, one forms one object with the world that has now become round in sweetness.

   ‘We now find "outer" events running in parallel with these "inner" ones; the empty candy wrapper is smoothed out more and more until it is a flat rectangle, which is then rolled around the finger to form a cylindrical tube and finally folded into ever smaller surfaces. And when the ball of sweetness begins to lose its tension, flattens out and falls apart, the paper between the fingers takes on increasingly disordered and lumpy shapes; and when the sweetness forms no more than a fine, weakening line of deprivation, it is finally pressed into a hard little ball and flicked with relish far into the distance.’ 

  -Friedrich W. Heubach



My ski vest has buttons like convenience store mirrors

And they help me see

That everything in this room right now 

Is a part of me, oh yeah

Is a part of me

  -Silver Jews, 'We are real'

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